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Over 15 Years Experience

I’ve been creating flight simulator aircraft professionally for more than 15 years, starting with Terminal Reality’s Fly!, followed soon after by Fly2, Microsoft FS2002, FS2004, FSX, Prepar3D v2, Prepar3D v3 and now Prepar3D v4.

Founding Member of RealAir

As a founding member of RealAir Simulations, I created the graphics, coding, configuration panels and documentation for every RealAir release. We produced some of the most highly regarded flight simulator aircraft available, winning multiple awards and always receiving high praise from our customers.

Complete Aircraft

My goal has always been to create aircraft of the absolute highest quality, aircraft that excel in all areas, aircraft that give the virtual pilot that special sense of ‘being there’.

About Vertx

To date Vertx has been a mostly solo project. I look forward to producing many more aircraft going into the future. The initial plan is to focus on modern GA types, and continue to improve and expand the functionality of the Vertx G1000 over the coming months and years.

Sean Moloney

Vertx Flight Simulation