G1000 Features

//G1000 Features

G1000 Features

Digital Display Built in 3D — Rather than applying a finished 2D gauge to the virtual cockpit panel like other displays in P3D, the Vertx G1000 displays are made up from multiple, separately modelled 3D parts. This provides a number of advantages—the animated parts are rendered by the GPU, and each item on screen can be optimised to provide maximum graphics quality without noise or colour-banding. Text is clear and readable, and animations are ultra-smooth running at the maximum possible refresh rate (2D gauges in P3D are limited to an 18fps refresh rate).

All Settings Saved Between Flights — Including flight plans, displayed windows, nav/com frequencies, AFCS settings, airspeed references, trip statistics and much more.

Frame-Rate Optimised Code — G1000 code has been extensively optimised to provide excellent framerates.

Detailed 3D Bezels — Perfectly recreated 3D bezels, buttons and knobs with dimmable back-lighting. All buttons and knobs are animated. Large, easily located click-spots and mouse-wheel support.

Sounds — Including custom annunciation tones, voice alerts, and button/knob input sounds. Choose between male or female voice annunciations.

Realistic Start-up and Shut-down — Start-up and shut-down routines are just like the real G1000. If you prefer you can choose a much faster start-up via the DA62 config app.

Crew Alerting System — Detailed Crew Alerting System (CAS) annunciations including warnings, cautions, alerts and annunciation messages.

Map Options — Multiple map display options are available, including north-up, track up, DTK Up and HDG Up. Waypoint auto-zoom can be set on or off.

Terrain Map — Terrain warning map overlay available with or without topographic map overlay.

Auxiliary Pages — Numerous Auxiliary pages including Trip Planning, Utility, System Setup, System Status, and GPS Status pages.

Timers and Schedulers — Multiple timers and schedulers are available. Custom timer messages can be set and will display on the CAS when the timer expires.

Flight Statistics — Flight statistics are recorded and saved between flights. Statistics include odometer, landing count, average ground-speed, maximum ground-speed, total flight time and more.

Screen Dust and Reflections — Dust and reflections are visible on the G1000 screens, with the option of hiding them if you prefer.

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